APK Chest Plus 2.0c Apk for Android


You puzzled "how to beat this game?"

so why do not you try this application, with this application you can make the impossible come true.
ranging from unlimited money, energy, gems, etc.
say goodbye to the Mod APK
What's APK Chest ?
APKChest is a program that helps you lovers of the game where the trouble to play the game, it could be because of money, energy or disturbing ads.
Maybe you have objections will feature in-Apps which required pay to get the features contained in the game, therefore, by using this program you can play without thinking problems undue thought
– Do you know if you are using a modified APK file, your personal data can be stolen or worse.
– This application only goes a genuine game of playstore
– Make a backup before using this application
– ONLY for rooted phones
So please enjoy and play.
Please Give Us 5 If You Are Satisfied With This Program
#### List of the game will be updated every day ####
Free download and not paid.
### Games with connect internet may not work because many games use server loaded ###
Request or Feedback we wait
Note : New Update and New List Games added 350+
Note : We have New server and Website
Check this article for Root : http://goo.gl/LWKasL
Youtube Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrFQ3ZGbYgs&list=PLgLUljT26g2xB-f7Fl_P_s-AGS9c0D-ka
For Request you can write on our website http://janobyl.com/
Update New List You can Check here : http://goo.gl/qS8xXT

GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=id.janobyl.apkchest&hl=en-US


Version 2.0c
* Added Youtube Tutorial
* New Design & Icons
* Improved Cheats
* New Cheat database
* Request Feature Fix
* More Games


apk-chest-plus_2.0c_JideCoded.Com.apk (2.92MB)

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