BAND – Groups & Communities Apk for Android


Are you a group organizer? Looking for a new community to join? Then BAND is the right app for you.
BAND helps you organize your groups and also discover new groups catered to your interests.

BAND is BEST for
● Teams/Clubs – Post notices, schedule meetings, and chat with all members in a group chat or 1-on-1.
● Gaming Clans/Organizations – Strategize, play, and stay connected with team members.
● Open Forums – Discuss your favorite topics and make new friends who share the same interests; from video games, sports, and fitness to fashion, relationships and everything in between.
● Local Communities/Meetups – Connect with people in your area about the topics you care about most.
● Work/Projects – Share important project updates with your work team.
● Personal Groups – Privately share photos and updates with family, friends, etc.
● Stay organized with the ultimate features.
– Community Board / Chatroom / Poll / Calendar / File Sharing / Photo Album
● Be anyone in any Band.
– Create different aliases for different groups so you can be free to talk about anything with anybody.
● Personalize your group settings to fit the group’s needs.
– Set privacy levels (Secret, Closed, Public) / Manage memberships (Admin & Co-admins) and Assign privileges / Make a vanity URL dedicated to your group.
● Access your group on any device including your phone, tablet or laptop by going to
We value your feedback! Send any suggestions or report bugs to us so we can make BAND better together!

Twitter: @BANDtogetherapp @BAND_Gaming
Instagram: BANDtogetherapp



Access all of your events from different calendar applications in BAND!
-With the event importing feature enabled on desktop, it’s easy to import events from different calendar apps into BAND!
-Check on your PC!
Don’t fight the Trolls alone! #BANDtogether
– Problems recieving spam messages in a Chat? Report the Chatroom right away!
– BAND’s new Spam Filter automatically restricts the spammers access to the Chatroom.


band-groups-amp-communities_5.6.2.1_JideCoded.Com.apk (23.06MB)

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