Blocky Demolition Derby v1.35 (Mod Money) for Android


Play fun car crash simulation in blocky / voxel world. It's like those games with car crash physics but in this one it's the blocky cars getting demolished all around. With awesome effects too – you get to blow up blocky cars in pieces.

With more than 15 cars to play with and other cool stuff, fun lasts a while with Blocky Demolition derby, with two game modes: Derby & Tank mode.
In version 1.25, TANK mode is introduced – for even more fun. Choose "Tank mode" and get ready to deal out some serious damage to opponents using powerful turret gun.
Since version 1.20, blocky vehicle editor is introduced – you can also totally edit any blocky vehicle, paint it or modify it any way you like, as long as you've purchased it before that. Also, there's vehicle #20 that is empty / shell vehicle and it's just waiting for you to build it up from scratch. Let your creativity fly and customise any vehicle to your liking, for a more visually awesome demolition derby experience.
Start off with a a basic blocky car and wreck your way through opponents, claim victories & earn cash to buy and unlock even cooler vehicles to crash: from ambulance to mean truck vehicles. Each car can be upgraded: top speed, acceleration and damage resistance. These are feats you'd want to improve to ensure victorious matches in your crash arena adventures. With each improvement, your car becomes stronger and more effective crashing machine.
Graphics is in 3D, cartoon-like and visual effects follow retro/blocky spirit of the game. Controls are suited to everyone's preference – use wheel, arrows or tilt to control your demolition machine.
Play arena derby mode to fight stronger opponents. Choose from several cool blocky levels to play and have fun.
Unlock all cars, win all demolition battles and have fun in the process.
Updates are coming for sure, expect more maps, cars and cool add-ons with time.
Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts about the game in the reviews.



v1.35: New map
– new map: Construction v1
– bounce mode toggle
Have fun…
v1.34: Small fixes ๐Ÿ™‚
– editor fixed, sorry for that
– bouncy mode added, for the LOL’s
v1.33: Content update
– new map: Mr. President
– gameplay improvements
– game size reduction
v1.32: War mode introduced!


ใ€‹blocky-demolition-derby-v1.35-mod-JideCoded.Com.apk (51.89MB)

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