Eye Exercises – Eye Care Plus 2.3.3 Apk for Android


Improve your eye health on the go with Eye Care Plus eye exercises! Challenge your eyesight, perception, and observation skills with our vision therapy app!

**More than 2 million downloads**
Do you feel your vision has recently worsened with eyes feeling tired or irritated? Do you spend much time indoors or in front of a screen? Or do you just want to see the finer details of life? Then these vision therapy exercises are for you!
What we offer
Eye training in the form of daily eye exercise sets planned specifically for you. We make sure you get the most out of your experience by adjusting the eye exercises to your specific needs. Our exercises address most common eye problems and ensure that you get results in an engaging way.


• 50+ exercises – the biggest database of high quality eye exercises
• 10 exercise categories for eye relaxation, dry eye, lazy eye and other conditions
• 7 training plans that fit you
• 12 eye tests to track vision improvement
• 8 quizzes to check your knowledge about common eye diseases, problems and first aid
• Adaptive difficulty progression for a challenging and rewarding experience
• Training calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated

Our learning & science section comes with

• Daily tips & eye facts
• Healthy recipes & nutrition facts
• Q&As with certified ophthalmologists
• Detailed information about eye health, diseases, trainings, etc

Developed with the help of eye care professionals, our eye exercises are based on the most proven techniques in ophthalmology. Eye Care Plus games combine the best eye exercises with brain training algorithms to get you seeing the world better, sooner!

Download our app now and move your eye care to the next level, ensuring better eye health and prevention of many eye problems.

Real user reviews
Sergey Filippych
Cool! I am very thankful to you! With your help I was admitted to the Flight Academy! Half a year before admission I could only see 3 lines of the standard chart. Today, I can see it wholly!

Pasha Sergeev
Good job! As a subway driver I can say that vision is very important to us, it is our main tool of working. Thanks for the app! It helps to relax the vision after work and train the eyes. After the exercises I can feel my eyes perform much better! Thank you!

Vladimir Kirichenko
Thanks for this awesome app! I didn't expect such awesome results. Just a couple of days with these eye exercises and I have overcome the dry eye!

GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eyeexamtest.eyecareplus&hl=en-US


– Good news! Based on your feedback and performance issues reported by you, we have enhanced Eye Care Plus to perform better!
– We have also fixed miscellaneous bugs and made improvements.
Install our app and stay tuned for new features coming soon!


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