Final Taptasy v2.0.1 Mod (Infinite Ruby / Gold & More) for Android


Another day, another "save the princess" mission.
Please let this be the last time!
Go forth again warriors, in the adventure of FINAL TAPTASY!

Believe in the power of the masses!
No matter how powerful the boss may be, none can withstand the attacks of many.
Tap until fingerprints fade in this all-out tapping game.
5 Game Features:
-Retro style: Immerse into the fantasy world of pixel art
-Incredible gameplay: Frantically tap away to eliminate the enemies
-Mass battle: Gather 3 heroes with companions, and pets to battle
-Huge content: Play with over 100 dungeons, weapons & skills and treasures
-Infinite upgrades: Use upgrade and rebirth systems to go on tougher adventures
Enjoy this mass battle game with huge content in FINAL TAPTASY!
*Access authorization to play the game (The game will not run if not authorized)
– Authorization required for device identification, to be used for real-time game and user support.
– Authorization required for installation of the game on external storage.
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Fixed bug where Hyper Stones are not dropped from Legendary Chests
1. Added an entirely new ‘Love Escape’ mode
– Battle between the Demon, for whom the Princess who falls in love with and escape, and the rescue squad, who want to stop them!
– Includes various upgrade elements, numerous rewards!
2. Added new ‘Glorious Hero’, ‘Queen of Darkness’ weapon set
3. Added new Ally ‘Thrall’
4. Added new 15 Treasure types
5. Added limited ‘Demon Squad Pack’
6. Modified balance
7. Fixed bugs



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