Motion v1.5 Apk for Android


Motion is a dynamic 3D animated live wallpaper for phones and tablets with parallax 3D effects. Please see video review. You can create static wallpaper.

+ FREEZE animation and create STATIC 3D wallpaper with parallax effect.
+ Double click to open wallpaper settings.
+ Set custom animation colors, background color.
+ Predefined animations, background type light, colors.
+ Random timer, animations, colors.
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How to create STATIC 3D wallpaper :
1. Double click on screen to open settings.
2. Set FREEZE WALLPAPER option to on. Done!
How to open settings:
1. Double click on screen to open settings.
On LG phones – how to enable open settings :
1. Please got to settings. Click icon Motion > settings
2. Set option 'Slow click' and set option 'Open settings'
3. 3 x slow click on screen open settings



+ improved speed, stability, background shifts
+ gyroscope camera move ON/OFF (new option)
+ optymise FPS (new option)
+ reset all settings (new option)
+ fix ‘random timer’ issue
+ add select random elements from lists (new option)
+ add ON/OFF random background color (new option)



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