Rover Builder v1.2 for Android


Start a great space adventure with Marvin! Design and build rovers and help Marvin to complete challenging missions on Moon, Mars and other planets. Cross craters, climb over the boulders and collect badges by doing it safely, economically and quickly. Every planet has different kind of conditions and your rover needs to adapt to them. If you've ever dreamed to be a space engineer or rover builder, this is your opportunity!

You can build rovers using aluminum and springs, but keep in mind that quality often means money. You can also use two kind of wheels, motored heavy ones and cheaper light ones without motor. In planet 4 you can also use rockets. There is an unlimited number of ways to tune your rover for the mission.
You can earn 1 to 4 badges per level depending on how well your rover performed. Different badges can be achieved by different rovers in the same level. New planets are unlocked when you have enough badges.
Be a Rover Builder and enjoy your adventure with Marvin!



– New planet added
– Rockets available in planet 4
– In-app purchases
– Ad amount decreased


Rover-Builder-v1-2-Full-JideCoded.Com.apk (25.45MB)

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