Sky Wonderland v1.9.2 (Mod Money) for Android


≪ About the App ≫
A casual shoot ‘em up enjoyable by all users!
Join Alice on a cute and fun adventure in wonderland!

■ Introduction
This is a cute and simple shoot ‘em up themed on Alice in Wonderland. Control Alice and help her adventure through the Wonderland!
■ How to play
・Swipe Alice left and right to move directions.
・Swipe Alice up and down to shift between three types of shots.
・Defeat the enemies that get in the way and attain the high score by going as far as you can!
・You can collect coins, jewels and power up items when you defeat enemies.
・The coins allow you to purchase useful items such as the white rabbit.
・The key to attaining the high score is to collect as many stars on the way!



・Fixed bug related to language support
・Fixed the tutorial text
・Modified and fixed bug related to BGM and SOUND


Sky-Wonderland-v1-9-2-Full-JideCoded.Com.apk (61.7MB)
Sky-Wonderland-v1-9-2-Mod-JideCoded.Com.apk (62.2MB)

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