Some for Silent Hill Origins 1.0 Apk for Android


his application dedicated to the game Silent Hill Origins.

In this application, the user acquainted with:
= Storyline
= Detail learns all the game's characters and their intentions.
= Detail learns all the monsters the game and their intentions.
= you are given all the souvenirs and their location.
= Will see all the possible endings game
= Will know conditions of passage to get the desired ending
= User submitted videos of all endings
= Given all the maps of all locations
= You are given a list of music from the game
= You can keep yourself out of the game in the wallpaper album
= In this application, there is a description of 2 films silent hill with the opportunity to learn
more about them
= Brief acquaintance with the following parts of the game Silent Hill Origins



some-for-silent-hill-origins_1.0_JideCoded.Com.apk (42.3MB)

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