TouchPal Emoji Keyboard-Stock Apk for Android


TouchPal Emoji Keyboard – Stock is a stock version for TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. It’s a free emoji keyboard app for Android users to type fast and easy with the best word prediction, over 800 emoji and emoticons, smartest auto-correction and swipe. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard is trusted by over 300 million users all over the world.

Highlights of TouchPal Emoji Keyboard:
★Word Prediction. TouchPal delivers the best next-word prediction. Users type much faster using TouchPal and find that it learns their words quickly too.
★Emoji Support. Input Emoji & Emoticon anywhere conveniently like WhatsApp, Facebook, Evernote, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat.
★Customizable themes. Hundreds of colorful themes available and you can DIY your own theme.
★Personalize. Set personal photo as keyboard background.
★Auto Correction. Most powerful error correction: correct spelling errors and capitalization automatically. (eg. type “android emoji keyboard” and TouchPal corrects it to “Android Emoji Keyboard”)
★Swipe. Type faster by swiping your finger from key to key.
★Privacy. We will never collect your personal information including credit card and password. Your privacy will be protected well.
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– Stickers! Send stickers in Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and almost all the IM apps.
– Improve battery usage
– Improve stability.
– Improve stability for new TouchPal Store
– Improve battery usage
– Fix crashes
– Fix bug: guide dialog of lock screen appears repeatedly
– New TouchPal Store brings more fancy themes
– Fix bugs
– New emoji styles: Zombie emoji, Sexy emoji


touchpal-emoji-keyboard-stock_5.9.9.9_JideCoded.Com.apk (31.09MB)

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