Voyager: The Farthest Signal v1.3 (Full) for Android


The first real world application for MINDSET!
It is a sci-fi interactive novel game, VOYAGER: The Farthest Signal. The MINDSET team collaborated with experts at NASA and The California Institute of Technology, to create a story that follows a fictional space crew attempting to retrieve Voyager 1 from the depths of interstellar space.
It provides an on-screen text narrative, with several points where players can find out additional background information or make in-game selections.

– One day, Sarah receives a strange signal came from the Voyager 1. NASA is sending a manned spaceship to investigate the phenomenon. Can we send people across interstellar space? Is this scientifically possible?
– Novel based on actual physics and science
– Select your answer or question to interact within the story
– Background music specifically written for the app



Voyager-The-Farthest-Signal-v1-3-Full-JideCoded.Com.apk (10.99MB)

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